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Ana Lucía Frega
(Buenos Aires, 25-11-1935)

Ana Lucía Frega
Are a life-long music educator, having taught at all levels of the GENERAL and ARTISTIC education system in her own country. During 10 years, she was the PRINCIPAL of the School of Performing Arts at the TEATRO COLON of Buenos Aires, a position from which she retired in 1990.
She has run in-service teachers training courses in all argentines provinces and over all Latin-Americans countries. She has as well taught and lectured several times in France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and USA. 50 are the books she has published, In her own country and abroad, on different subjects in the field of Music Education.
In 1966, she became a member of ISME and attended her first conference. Her work for ISME has been since then very active, presenting papers at world conferences, International seminars, translating papers into Spanish. For ten years a Member of the Board of the ISME Research Commission, she was its Chair (1986-88).

In 1990, she was appointed for the Board of Directors of ISME and in 1994, she was voted as President elect (1994-2000).
Currently, she is teaching at the National University of San Martin, where she is the HEAD of the ARTS PROGRAM, including the post graduated school.
She holds a PhD in Music with special focus in Education.

A great work is on as the First Latin-American ISME Regional Meeting was held in Salvador, Bahía, in September 1997, and a whole plot to improve research and practice in this field in Latin America is being developed, under the umbrella of ISME Research Commission. The second regional meeting happened in September 1999 in Venezuela. Third is due to be in September 2001 in Argentina and she presides the organizing committee.
In October 1997, she was elected to the Executive Board of the International Music Council - an ONG of UNESCO (1998-2004). Has written more than 50 books and published numerous articles, some of the them included in the References of this paper.

Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background
  • Higher National Professor National Conservatory of Music “Carlos Lopez Buchardo” (1954) (stimulus grant).
  • Ph. D. (Music: Music Education). Presented Thesis 3-XII-1996; National University of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina Faculty of Humanities and Arts Dissertation: A Descriptive and Comparative Research Tool (Parametrical Model) as Applied to the Dalcroze, Martenot, Willems, Orff, Kodály, Ward, Suzuki, Murray-Schafer and Paynter methods: Issues to an Eclectic Music Education Curriculum.
Teaching and Administrative Experience
  • Director, Center of Investigation of Musical Education, Collegium Musicum (CIEM), Buenos Aires (Since 1994)
  • Professor, Bachelor's degree in Musical Education, Music School, Humanity and Art College, National University (Rosario) (since 1993) - Invited professor at the post graduated course, same University, since 1997
  • Adviser, Higher Teaching Institute ¨Carlos Maria Biedma" (since 1968); Argentine Model School (k. p. s), (since January 1962)
  • Faculty, National Conservatory of Music "Carlos Lopez Buchardo" (since 1967), Professor of Didactics, methodology and teaching practice.
  • Academic Adviser and Professor; Musical Pedagogy Master (E.U.M.), Extremadura University, Spain (1996-1997).
  • Pedagogical Adviser, National Programmer for Youth Orchestra. Argentina (1995)
  • National Director of Music of the National State Department of Culture (1994)
  • Coordinator of the Action Committee (INTEM-OEA/UNESCO); Investigation and survey on the "The Formation of Professional Music in Latin America" (Since October 1995)
Professional Services
  • President of the International Society for Music Education (ISME), 1994-2000. "Member of the Executive Board of International Music Council – UNESCO (1998-2004)
  • Director of Courses and Lectures; for all the Argentine provinces, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Spain, United States of America, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal , Venezuela and Uruguay
  • Scholarship student of the British Council for research in Great Britain, 1976.
  • Academic Londsdowne, Victoria University, Canada, 1981
  • Research on the different aspects of the Professional Music Formation (Programmers and special methodologies)): Invited Guest/Speaker to France and Holland, January, 1985; the USA, February-March, 1984; Switzerland and Belgium, January, 1985; the USA, June, 1986; West Germany, February, 1987
  • Visiting Scholar to the School of Music at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, January, 1989; State University of Florida, USA, October, 1991
  • Visiting Professor to the Musical Exp. Department, University of Extremadura, Spain (1994-1995, 1995-1996)
  • Director of the Higher Institute of Art of the Colon Theatre (1981-1991) (retired in the charge)
  • Consultant in areas of artistic expression (creation of the C.B.C. for the E.G.B.), National State Department of Culture (January to June, 1994) (at present ad honorum)
  • Director of the Center for Music Pedagogy at the Institute of Educational Research (1979-1990)
  • Examiner of the International Baccalaureate: Assessments in Spanish, French and English (since 1990)
  • Director of organizations and programmers in the National Direction of Music and Dance for the National State Department of Culture (since 1994)
  • 110 Lectures on topics related to Music Education 5. Lectures and Presentations/Addresses
  • International lectures on Music, ISME in: Michigan, USA, 1966; Montreaux, Switzerland, 1976; London-Ontario, Canada, 1978; Eugene, Oregon, USA, 1984; Innsbruck, Austria, 1986; Canberra, Australia, 1988; Helsinki, Finland, 1990; Seoul, Korea, 1992; Tampa, Florida, USA, 1994; OEA in: Rosario, Argentina, 1970; Mexico, F.D., 1970; Viña del Mar, Chile, 1985
  • Research Seminaries on Music Education, ISME in: Mexico, 1975; Graz, Austria, Melbourne, Australia, 1988; Stocklom, Sweden, 1990; Nagoya, Japan, 1992; Miami, Florida, USA, 1994
  • Meeting in: Viña del Mar, Chile, 1990; Bogotá, Colombia, 1991; Hispanic lecture in Lisboa, Portugal, 1993; Córdoba, Argentina, 1994; Victoria, Spain, 1994; Caracas, Venezuela. 1995; Bilbao, País Vasco, 1995
  • Research on: the "Professional Outline of the Argentinean Music Teacher"; "Education Strategies Compared not only at Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary level, but also in the Formation of the Professional Musician: a parameter model from the comparison to the fusion"
  • Cavalier of French Palmes Academiques (1985)
  • Villa-Lobos award granted by Brazilian Government (1988)
  • Silver Medal for life long work awarded by the Argentinean Musicians
  • Society (1990) (SADAIC)
  • Distinguished Member of the Argentine Music Council and of the Argentinean council of International Affairs (1994)
  • 52 titles covering research, creativity, audio perception, teaching strategies, etc.
  • In 1994, she lead a 22 people team to prepare the fundamentals of art standards for the national system of general education (published by the National Minister of Education)

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